Hi, I’m Talal

I’m a marketer who help companies scale with proven growth frameworks, SEO, and product marketing.

Currently at On Deck, where I lead Growth for Labs.

I also help VC-backed startups, SaaS, and B2B companies with content marketing strategy and SEO at Optimist, a $1.5 million ARR agency.

At ProPakistani, I was the first employee and led growth from 1 million to 17 million page views per month, increased revenues by 11x, grew headcount from 1 to 45, and helped close a majority-share acquisition of the company. It’s currently the largest independent news publisher in Pakistan and ranks among the top 75 websites in the country.

Before that, I was employee # 5 at GSM Nation (unlocked smartphones before they were a thing, $40 million ARR) and scaled it for 2 years until it was acquired.

I’m a voracious reader, hobbyist coder, music aficionado, and always like to be learning something new.


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